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Blakes Hotel

unique design by Anouska Hempel

Blakes Hotel

33 Roland Gardens, London SW7 3PF, Великобритания
+44 20 7370 6701

Blakes was created in 1978 by the world renowned designer Anouska Hempel and is known to be the world's first luxury boutique hotel. Based in South Kensington, it is famous for its design, service and privacy.
Blakes is a seductive design journey through India, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and on to the Pyramids, back through Italy ending up in the heart of London. An elegant, eclectic, ethnic picture reflected in the abundance and luxury of accessories, furniture and artefacts found all over the world by Anouska Hempel herself over the many years of her far flung travels.

The bar is also hugely popular with London’s fashionable ‘it’ crowd who regularly pop in for a sharpener!  

Room rate from £237.

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