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Vertical Garden by Patrick Blanc

a botanical artist's creation

Vertical Garden by Patrick Blanc

Athenaeum Hotel, 116 Piccadilly, London W1J 7BJ
+44 20 7499 3464

This amazing work of art is located in Piccadilly, central London, but if for some reason you don't come across it by happenstance, it's worth making a special trip for. The botanical artist behind it, Patrick Blanc, has devoted his life to studying plants, creating incredible gardens around the world, from America, Australia, and Japan, to the UAE, France, and Switzerland.

He has several projects in London, but we recommend the one that adorns the side of the Athenaeum Hotel. Blanc developed a special system of planting and irrigation that allows him to cover entire buildings in flora. The secret to his success is a combination of professionalism and creativity. His gardens consist of dozens of plant species, carefully selected for each location. The result is a complex, finely crafted plant surface with various textures, shadows, and patterns.

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