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Grand Cafe Dr. Zhivago

contemporary Russian cuisine

Grand Cafe Dr. Zhivago

Mokhovaya street 15/1 (Hotel National), Moscow
+7 (499) 922-01-00
open 24/7
Cost: 1500 Rub

Alexander Rappoport's new gastro-project, Grand Cafe Dr. Zhivago, is the aesthetic and gastronomic event of the season. Moving through its brightly lit interior is like swimming through a sea of bold, revolutionary-era colors and shapes inspired by Malevich, Deyneka, Petrov-Vodkin, and other 1920s luminaries. At last, we've stumbled upon contemporary Russian cuisine in a stylish interior, a combination we thought was impossible. The menu, created by chef Maxim Tarusin, formerly of the legendary Yar restaurant, blends tradition with modern sensibilities and techniques. The food is prepared using local, Russian ingredients; pumpkin and flaxseed oil are substituted for olive oil.

The restaurant is located on the first floor of the Hotel National, its large windows facing Mokhovaya Street. The Grand Cafe seems to be aimed at tourists, but first and foremost it attracts creative, forward-thinking Muscovites. Businessmen, socialites, gourmands, and aesthetes have also seized on this bright and lively hotspot infused with a modern, eclectic spirit.

Just like at Rappoport's other restaurants, the prices here are reasonable. The maestro sticks to his tried-and-true formula: high-quality food and stunning interiors for the smallest possible price.

We recommend: millet porridge with crawfish tail in cream sauce; wild game and lingonberry crepes; crawfish tail cabbage rolls; carp and nelma dumplings; fried carp with sour cream. For dessert: delicious "Pryanik" ice cream, the taste of childhood.

For calorie-counters: salad with crawfish tails, arugula and pumpkin; European perch for two. No sugar is added to the kompot (try the one made from dried apricots).

Cuisine: Russian/original/modern.

Atmosphere: intellectual/lively/trendy.

Crowd: aesthetes, gourmands, politicians, businessmen, romantic couples, families.

FYI: open 24/7.

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