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Dep Art

by Antonio Addamiano

Dep Art

via Giuriati, 9 20129 Milano
+39 02 36535620
Mon-Sun closed
Tue-Sat 15:00-19:00

This gallery was opened in 2006 by Antonio Addamiano, son of an artist and former collector. Its two main activities are promoting the artists in its collection and providing expert advice. Dep Art is a frequent participant in Italian and international art festivals and regularly holds exhibitions itself.

Its collection includes a few works by Katz, Pistoletto, and Rognoni, but mostly the gallery prefers to focus on its "own" artists, including Valerio Adami, Pino Pinelli, Turi Simeti, and others.

FYI: Dep Art prefers conceptual art that's "not for everybody," so be prepared.

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