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Galleria Lia Rumma

young & well-known artists

Galleria Lia Rumma

Via Stilicone, 19, Milano
+39 02 2900 0101
Mon-Fr 11:00–13:30, 14:30–19:00

The Galleria Lia Rumma is housed in a five-story building shaped like a cube with windows on four sides. In other words, it's full of light. That plus two open terraces — including a roof deck with a view of downtown Milan — makes it a perfect exhibition space. It's more like a museum of modern art than a gallery.

Lia Rumma opened her first gallery in Naples in the 1960s. Bonalumi, Gilardi, Pistoletto had their first shows there, as did two then-unknown artists named Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. Today, both the Naples and Milan galleries are devoted to displaying work by young artists from around the world. They continue to show well-known artists, too, including Marina Abramovic, Ivan Bazak, Enrico Castellani, and Gilberto Zorio.

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