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Giacomo Bistrot

French bistro with a chic retro style

Giacomo Bistrot

Via Pasquale Sottocorno, 6, 20129 Milano
+39 02 7602 3313
Mon-Sun 12:00-0:00

One of our favorites, Giacomo Bistrot is reminiscent of a classical French bistro with a chic retro style. The interior has a «masculine character»: massive bookshelves, dark burgandy wood, enormous portraits hanging on the walls. This restaurant puts on airs, but it's actually quite comfortable.

The menu pays special attention to meat dishes, though there's something here for fish lovers and even vegetarians. Gourmands who know whether oysters or truffles are in season will certainly find something to treat themselves to here. The wine cellar deserves a separate mention. Beyond the fact that the wines are picked from the best wineries, you can even organize a private dinner in the cellar!

We Recommend: Go for the meat, anything from the tar-tar to steak, we give it an A+.

Cuisine: Tuscan with flair.

Atmosphere: Bourgeoise.

The crowd: From famous designers and Vogue editors to well-known lawyers and members of aristocratic families.

Key indo: The restaurant works seven days a week.

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