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National Orchid Garden

60 thousand exotic orchids in Singapore Botanic Gardens

National Orchid Garden

1 Cluny Road, Singapore 259569

National Orchid Garden is located on the highest hill of Singapore Botanic Gardens and is home to the most unique species of orchids in the world. Travellers across the globe come here to see the 60,000 types of exotic flowers spread over three hectares of land. Time stands still when you enter this otherworldly place and breathe its sweet-scented air.

The colour code of the orchids represents the four seasons: with crème and golden tones for spring, red and pink for summer, orange for autumn and white and violet for winter. Don’t miss the Celebrity Orchard Garden with hybrids named after celebrities who had a significant contribution to the society such as Margaret Thatcher for example. The entrance to National Orchid Garden costs $5.

Key info: Tan Hoon Siang Misthouse and Yuen-Peng McNeice Bromeliad Collection as well as Cool House orangerie are currently closed for reconstruction to reopen in 2019.


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