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Aromando bistrot

cozy & retro restaurant

Aromando bistrot

Via Pietro Moscati, 13, 20154 Milano
+39 02 3674 4172
Tue 18:00–23:00
Wed-Sun 12:00–23:00
Cost: €20-40

Decorated with nostalgic flair, this cozy bistro could rightly be described as an eclectic mix of retro style and original cooking. It's almost like going to grandma's house for lunch, an impression that lingers and never fully disappears. That's assuming, of course, that grandma has exquisite taste.

Vintage lamps, radios, and old books, which seem like they've been plucked from the past, are all carefully arranged amid furniture from the 1960s. The owners, a cute couple, spent many years working at Cracco and Il Pescatore, two famous Milan restaurants.

The menu puts a fresh spin on traditional Italian cuisine. All the ingredients are local and organic, and many are seasonal. The portions are small, but the flavors are well-balanced.

It's worth stopping by for just an aperitif, since the selection of cheeses and wines, which can be ordered by the glass, is outstanding.

There's a fixed price lunch menu available. You won't find an English-language menu, and the Italian-language one is tucked in an old magazine. The presentation, too, is highly stylized; bread, for example, comes in a funny, little drinking cup.

We recommend: Start with a glass of wine and a meat plate consisting of prosciutto and other delicacies, then try the ravioli with sea bass or burrata, or grilled octopus (served on a bed of mango), and for dessert – pineapple and ricotta cream. The menu changes often, so feel free to ask your waiter about what's new and popular.

Cuisine: authentic with original pizzazz

Atmosphere: retro/homey

The crowd: creative locals, architects, gourmands

Key info: All ingredients are organic. The kitchen is open until 11 p.m. Closed on Monday, re-opening Tuesday evening. 

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