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Fonderie Milanesi

for "shabby-chic" lovers

Fonderie Milanesi

Via Giovenale 7, 20136 Milano
+39 02 36527913
Tue-Sun 19:00–2:00
Cost: €20

This restaurant is hidden from curiosity seekers on a side street, so it's hard to end up here by accident. Fonderie Milanesi is located inside an old villa that's only accessible through a series of internal courtyards. The area was once home to Milan's foundries. You'll catch a whiff of old industrial Milan the moment you see the sign outside. Once you enter, the din of the city seems to disappear, the familiar urban rumble replaced by a relaxed, somewhat lazy silence. The restaurant's pleasantly rugged interior features 19th century vintage flourishes, photographs of motorcyclists, and lots of real bicycles, even on the ceiling.

There's an amazing terrace in the courtyard, where you can sit under a tree and enjoy the view of the villa, all covered in leafy vines.

Fonderie Milanesi serves lunch and dinner, as well as aperitifs. Sadly, the food isn't always up to par, so you're best off coming to sip aperitifs and enjoy the atmosphere and interior.

We recommend: Start with prosciutto and a glass of wine, then try the cavatelli with shrimp, squash, and greens.

Cuisine: Italian/contemporary

Atmosphere: laid-back

The crowd: lovers of "shabby-chic", designers, architects

Key info: The service isn't perfect, so be patient. Aperitifs are served from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. every day except Mondays. Price: 8 euros. The Sunday brunch buffet costs 20 euros. There's a culinary school.

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