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Antica Locanda dei Mercanti

cozy hotel with unique charm

Antica Locanda dei Mercanti

Via San Tomaso, 6, 20121 Milano
+39 02 805 4080

The three-story Antica Locanda del Mercanti hotel sits on a quiet sidestreet in central Milan, just five minutes walk from the Duomo. At first glance, nothing suggests that this 17th century historical building is home to a hotel and you’ll have to look carefully to spot the small sign. You won’t find the usual spacious reception here, and there’s no bar and no restaurant. But this boutique hotel has a unique charm.

Guests are met warmly at the small reception. The rooms are elegant, with a touch of home that’s been classed up. All four rooms on the third floor have their own balconies with a lush bouquet of flowers. It’s especially lovely in the summer, and they serve breakfast to the rooms (there’s no restaurant!) Croissants and drinks are included, and you can order whatever else you’d like from the menu at additional cost. It’s lovely to sit on the terrace and work on your laptop with your morning coffee.

We recommend this hotel for those who have come to discover the city and don’t want to spend their time sitting in the hotel bar, for people who want to find new experiences, gastronomic and otherwise.

The price of the room is 200 EUR per night. Wi-Fi is included, which is nice.

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