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Asya Webster is a jeweler and the wife of Stephen Webster, and together they have created a brand that has proved to be a real hit with people who prefer flair and character in their jewelry. We love Asya’s boundless energy and charisma, and while we talked to her we felt completely different vibrations from the city, and saw it through different eyes.


When I first moved to London from NY I wasn’t impressed. Mainly because of the people. I felt that English people don’t really have much time for foreigners, they invite you to their house once for dinner but that’s it, they’ve done their good deed.  I spent a year here and moved back to NY.  However, since I moved back to be with my future husband things changed drastically.  Maybe it was because I was with a ‘local’ who knew the city so well, but also because Stephen had been living abroad for some time prior to us getting together, and we discovered the city and what it had to offer together.  And now, after 18 years, I absolutely love London, it’s my home.  It’s a great cultural hub, music, art, fashion, it all starts and ends here. Even the restaurants, no more nasty cucumber sandwiches and soggy fish and chips that England had a reputation for. Now London boasts the best restaurants in the world. The weather could be better but you can’t have it all… and luckily we travel a lot.

We have always been living and working around Central London.  Both the shop and our home for the past 17 years have been a few minutes’ walk away from Oxford Street, Marble Arch, Bond Street and Hyde Park.  It can be a bit crowded and noisy at times, but you can’t beat the convenience of it.  Our daughter grew up with Selfridge’s as her “corner shop” – we could get everything there from a TV to a pint of milk.

I love to walk, but unfortunately I don’t really have time for it. However, I do always carry a pair of flat shoes in my bag as a change for usual stilettos, and if the traffic is bad I would much rather walk than sit in a taxi.  And I will always try to squeeze in a walk across Hyde Park from my home to the office in the morning – weather permitting.  It’s a beautiful walk – and helps me get some exercise.

We have a beautiful house on the White Cliffs of Dover and we go there every weekend when we’re not travelling. We wouldn’t be able to survive our lifestyle without it.


Our store is now located on Mount Street across the road from one of the best London Fish restaurants, Scotts.  I did ask them the other day if I’m one of their most regular customers and the answer was yes, which is scary, but nothing compares to their freshest and most delicious Seafood platter!  I also like their sister (and brother) restaurants, George, Le Caprice, 34, J Sheekey’s and The Ivy.  They might seem a bit boring and formal at times, but you are guaranteed good food and immaculate service.  However, since we partnered up with Mark Hix, his restaurants – both Hix Soho on Brewer Street and Tramshed in Shoreditch – are our favourite places for dinner. Mark’s cooking is spectacular, it’s so fresh and seasonal (you always find something on the menu where you have to ask the waiter to explain to you what on earth it is) and not pretentious. And the atmosphere is always lots of fun.

I’m a foodie so I would probably choose the food over everything.  However, if you are going out with friends, people do care for the atmosphere a lot, so there needs to be a balance.  But I don’t think I would ever go to a place that serves crap food but is supposed to be fun. My choice: Breakfast – Wolseley, lunch – Scotts, dinner – Hix Soho.

After years of hanging out in the fashion circle, I have to say that I definitely prefer small and authentic places.  One of the most exciting things about becoming friends with Mark Hix is that he knows so many wonderful small “hole in the wall” places you would never have heard about – or wouldn’t go into.  Our great latest discoveries are Gold Mine in Queensway (an amazing mixture of Chinese and Malaysian cuisine) and a tapas/wine bar, Duck Soup in Soho.


I have a degree in Art History, and my passion has always been the Old Masters.  I’ve always said that I’ve learnt to appreciate Modern Art, but I’ve never learnt to love it.  However, so many of our close friends are contemporary artists, so I spend time with them and learn about what they do. I find the energy and the thinking process behind contemporary art very exciting and stimulating.

One of the most hidden gems of London, in my opinion, is the Wallace Collection. It’s a private collection that is the most incredible treasure trove of paintings, miniatures, metal work, porcelain, furniture and armour. I couldn’t believe how many famous and amazing art objects were there!  I also love the National Gallery, as it hosts my favourite collection of Early and Renaissance Italian paintings.  Of modern galleries, the White Cube is still the hottest place and so is Blain/Southern.  But if you have a half a day, just wander around Cork Street and Bond Street vicinities – there are dozens of small galleries, and always something interesting to find.


I like Matches, Dover Street Market and Selfridges for basic needs, but as I said, I’m not really a big shopper.  I either order online or shop when I’m on holiday.

Are you into art? If so, which artists do you find inspiring? What do you think of the contemporary art scene?

3 Top Events

Freeze, Masterpiece and Serpentine Gallery Summer Party.


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