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contemporary art, video archive and library


Moscow, 1st Zachatievskiy pereulok 10
7 (495) 637-44-75
Tue-Sat 12:00–20:00

RuArts Foundation consists of The Gallery of Contemporary Art, Video archive and Library. The Foundation occupies a renovated Mansion of Mouraviev family, built in the 16th century. This historical area bares traces of non-conformist artists' workshops from the 70s. These workshops served as a secret repository of unofficial art, where artists were able to present their works to Western collectors, who later gathered eminent collections of "the Second Russian Avant-garde".

RuArts Foundation mission is to promote contemporary art and further art-market development in Russia.

Nowadays, RuArts Gallery is one of the leading private galleries in Moscow, which represents painting, drawing, photography, video, sculpture and installation.

RuArts Gallery was the first to showcase world-wide stars such as Spencer Tunick, Erwin Olaf, Nobuko Watabiki, Herve Ic and Kimiko Yoshida.

RuArts Gallery represents the following artists: Semeon Agroskin, Sergey Anufriev, Sergei Borisov, Vita Buivid, Igor Vishnyakov, Vladimir Glynin, Alexander Zakharov, Evfrosina Lavrukhina, Dmitry Provotorov, Vitaly Pushnitsky, Dmitry Tsvetkov, Alina&Jeff Bliumis, Kimiko Yoshida. 

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