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Oksana On

style your attitude

Oksana On is a celebrity stylist and a new catch for street style bloggers. She is admired for her fabulous style and her cavalier attitude towards brands. We reveal Oksana's secret routes:


I am not the best example when it comes to eating healthy. I have lunch whenever I get a spare moment. It’s a very random thing. However, dinner is totally different story – it is planned in advance, mostly by my girlfriends. For lunch I suggest Simachev Bar or Fresh. Everything is familiar and delicious in Simachev’s menu. I usually order soup with baked peppers and salmon pizza. In Fresh I order whatever looks good on the pictures. You don’t have to worry about calories in this place. It’s not like I do anyway. That’s why sometimes I can quickly pop into Mendeleev bar nearby and treat myself with a lucky noodles cake. I am not very aesthetic when it comes to food. If I crave for something special on weekends, I go to “Vostochnaya Komnata”. Right now it’s the best spot for Indian cuisine in town. And of course, Solyanka with its familiar menu. Also visit the Garage café, where everything is prepared under the supervision of talented young chef Denis Kalmish.


Due to the nature of my work I am not the biggest fan of big shopping centers and infinite escalators. I prefer cozy boutiques and unique ateliers. If I am looking for something truly original, I go to the atelier of Oleg Ovsiyov, who is the founder of ViVA Vox ( brand. I do my shoe shopping in “Beryozka” boutique. In this quite small and homelike space with very friendly stuff you can find the best selection of Pierre Hardy, Alaia, Michael Kors и Rupert Sanderson. If you continue walking to Malaya Bronnaya, you MUST visit atelier ALA RUSSE. 


If you want to go for a pleasant walk and enjoy fresh air, there are no better places than Neskuchniy Sad, Patriarshie Prudi, Novodevichiy Monastery and Ekateriniskiy Park.

There are not too many beauty salons that I go to. For manicure and pedicure – I highly recommend KYNSI. For various beauty treatments – “Beauty Time”. When it comes to hair and make-up - I only trust my stylist Ernest Muntaniole.