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The Dead Rabbit

an upbeat bar inspired by Irish gangsters

The Dead Rabbit

30 Water St, New York, NY 10004
+1 646-422-7906
Mon-Sun 11:00–4:00 (the pub)
Mon-Wed 17:00–2:00, Thurs-Sat 17:00-3:00 (the bar)
Mon-Sun 11:00–23:00 (the shop)

This famous bar in Manhattan's Financial District was named in honor of The Dead Rabbits, an Irish gang that ruled the streets of New York in the mid-19th century. The Dead Rabbit bar, too, has made waves, but only in the best possible sense. It's on practically every list of the world's greatest bars, has won a ton of awards, and has earned the fierce loyalty of New Yorkers and tourists alike.

The atmosphere is classic Irish pub – no surprise, since the owners were born on the Emerald Isle. It's packed at night, the sound of Irish rock and roll barely audible over the noise of the crowd, which is generally friendly and sociable.

The Dead Rabbit is spread over three floors, each with a life of its own. In the first floor pub, you can enjoy craft beer or a glass of whiskey (they have over 100 varieties), though hardened regulars tend to order both. The kitchen serves simple British-Irish fare. On the second floor, you'll find amazing, vintage cocktails made from 19th-century recipes. The third floor is where they host private parties.

Atmosphere: lively.

The Crowd: locals, famous DJs, designers, white-collar types.

FYI: The Dead Rabbit keeps a corner where you can buy all sorts of pickled goods, fruit preserves, sauces, dried fruits and nuts, and more. At night, they sometimes have DJ performances on the first floor and live piano music on the second floor.


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