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Kampong Glam

Arab Street neighbourhood with an eclectic mix of cultures

Kampong Glam

3 Muscat Street, Singapore 198833

Kampong Glam, located in the so-called Arab Street area is the Muslim centre of the city and a thriving neighbourhood with a vibrant multi-ethnic community. Home to the Middle Eastern traders since the 19th century, today Kampong Glam is a cultural synergy of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European cultures. Full of two-storeyed colourful buildings, the area’s architecture remained untouched in the new era of skyscrapers.

If you are curious about the history and the lifestyle of Malay monarchs and aristocracy who inhabited Kampong Glam two centuries ago, head to Malay Heritage Centre in 85 Sultan Gate. Another must-visit just nearby is the Sultan Mosque built in 1824 by the founder of Singapore Sir Stamford Raffles.

Key info: Kampong Glam embodies Singapore’s reputation as a city of contrasts, both preserving the old Muslim traditions and actively embracing the new western subcultures. Explore extraordinary street art, as you walk down trendy Haji Lane, and pass by an array of independent fashion boutiques to collect some unique pieces and visit various hip cafes.