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St Andrew's Cathedral

A neo-gothic cathedral in the Civic District

St Andrew's Cathedral

11 St Andrew's Road, Singapore 178959

Located in the Civic District St Andrew’s Cathedral is an Anglican cathedral and a Neo-Gothic architectural landmark that once again manifests Singapore’s reputation as a city of contrasts.  Originally erected in the 1830s it was closed and then demolished after the church had suffered two lighting strikes. The design of the new structure started a few years later and the doors of the cathedral were reopened in 1861.

St Andrew’s Cathedral is the largest Anglican cathedral in Singapore. Its Neo-Gothic style makes it an attractive destination for the urban aesthetes: white-stone walls, sky rising towers, lancet windows and intricate embellishments, colourful stained windows with motives dedicated to prominent governors. Cathedral services and bible verses are available as live broadcast on the multiple digital screens positioned on the pillars.

The symbols of the Anglican Church are represented at St Andrew’s Cathedral with the Canterbury Stone with a bronze cross, The Coventry Cross made from the silver-plated nails from the Coventry Cathedral and the Coronation Carpet from the carpet used in the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in Westminster Abbey.

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