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food & art


9 Conduit St, London W1S 2XG
+44 20 7659 4500
пн-сб 18:30– 2:00
вс 18:00– 0:00
£70 – £100

A meeting place for creative types, businesspeople, progressive youth, and world-famous celebs. Sketch is located in a converted 18th century mansion that's been broken up into numerous spaces, each with its own mood. You'll find two restaurants (The Gallery and The Lecture Room) and three bars (The Glade, The Parlour, and East Bar). In the spirit of eclecticism, every space has a unique interior design. Works by well-known contemporary artists are displayed on the wall, giving substance to the restaurant's slogan: "Food & Art."

The Gallery, which has a particularly eclectic interior (the brainchild of British contemporary artist Martin Creed), stands out thanks to an unusual menu by French chef Pierre Gagnaire. Must-try dishes include crab meat in seaweed jelly, apple, mango and grapefruit mayonnaise, and grilled Scottish salmon with dill, citron jelly and Dublin yogurt. The Parlour is not simply a bar, it's also a place for informal gatherings, breakfast and tea with fresh pastries. At night it turns into a lively, members-only club.

Cuisine: contemporary/Mediterranean

Atmosphere: artsy/trendy

The crowd: creative minds, celebrities, contemporary artists and photographers, businesspeople

Key info: Don't miss afternoon tea with an astonishing variety of pastries. Book a table in advance. Credit card deposit required. 

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