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Elena Lakomkina

producer & celebrity agent shares trusty favorites and the latest hot spots on Upper Manhattan

Elena Lakomkina  –producer, celebrity agent, and our new trusted insider shares trusty favorites and the latest hot spots on Upper Manhattan.

In Focus

I moved to New York City more than 6 years ago and immediately fell in love with the city. New York became kind of an addiction for me. I could find myself walking from downtown to uptown for like 2-3 hours and thinking that I’m the happiest person in the world because I live here. I think they give some kind of drug at JFK when you land, as I know so many people obsessed with the city.

The first two years I spent studying Film at Columbia University. My life was pretty much concentrated on the Upper West Side. I would say it’s still my favorite area in New York. At some point I moved to the Upper East Side, but I felt like I was cheating on Upper West. These both neighborhoods are pretty quiet and family-oriented, so there are no clubs, bars, etc. For me it is a good balance to go downtown to dine and party, but to have a bit of “sanity” around me where I live.

Central Park is also one of the main reasons why I stay uptown. It’s such an amazing place to hide from the never ending madness of the city that never sleeps. And believe me, this city does never sleep!


Lincoln restaurant is one of my favorite places on the Upper West. It’s located next to the Metropolitan Opera, Ballet and four different movie theatres. If you are into celebrity spotting, Michael Douglas is the often guest there. Nougatine at Jean George at the Trump International are a must too. For brunches, I really like Boulud restaurant. It also has a store next door with all the possible and impossible delights.

My office is located on Madison Avenue, so we often go to Fred’s at the Barneys for lunch,  Le Bilboquet, Sant Ambroeus, or BG Restaurant at Bergdorf Goodman. The last one is such a pretty and girly place. The best Japanese restaurants are located on UES too: Sushi of Gari, Sasabune and Sushi Seki. And hands down, the best place for breakfasts is still at the Four Seasons Hotel. The King Cole at St.Regis is a nice bar for a drink after work. The legend says that Bloody Mary was created here.


My favorite time in New York is actually during art events, like Frieze Art Fair in May or the Armory Show in March. It goes beyond saying that Chelsea galleries are a perfect place to explore contemporary and modern art, but if you decide to go uptown, visit 980 Madison Avenue. Besides the gallery, Gagosian opened a shop and a Japanese restaurant here recently. Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld shows his curated exhibitions there too. If you are in the neighborhood, unfortunately, Whitney Museum closed it's doors and moving downtown, but Galerie Perrotin is definitely one of the places to visit and is located on Madison Avenue next to all the best stores for shopping. 

After Dark

Bars and clubs are a huge part of your life on Manhattan. You simply won’t be able to avoid it. There is always something going on and it doesn’t matter if it’s a Sunday or a Monday night. My “second home” is Electric Room at the Dream Downtown. Choose the night when DJ Cash and DJ Katz are playing. Believe me, you won’t regret. Oldie but goldie is Provocateur, where you can find Tiesto playing for a small group of people at 5 AM. 

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