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The Flea Theater

Experimental theater in Tribeca

The Flea Theater

20 Thomas St, New York, NY 10007
+1 212-226-0051

The Flea Theater was founded in 1996 by three people prominent on New York theater scene: Jim Simpson, Kyle Chepulis and Mac Wellman. They thought it was the right time to stimulate actors, directors and viewers to offer them new fresh formats and opened a non-commercial venue for creative and adventurous performances.

The theater occupies three floors in a former industrial building in Tribeca. Thousands of New Yorkers and theater lovers from around the world head there each year. The Flea Theater has staged more than a hundred plays and shows and obtained an impressive army of fans. Besides, there is the Bat program, which gives young actors who wish to gain more experience an opportunity to play.  

We recommend #Serials@theflea. It’s a theatrical play-off contest that usually takes place late at night. The point is that the most desperate Bat participants, directors and actors alike, make up five teams. Each of them stages its own ten-minute play. The audience votes for the three best and a week later the winning plays are shown once again and the losing teams must present something new. It’s a lively show!

The price policy at The Flea is flexible so the earlier you buy the ticket the cheaper it is.  Prices start at $15, but you can also get a $115 ticket with unlimited drinks.

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